My work is inspired by the organized abstraction of nature and the universe. I also take inspiration from many abstract expressionists, particularly women painters who are finally being recognized. I rarely include any representational references in my work, mostly making a point of not doing so. Neither do I title most work as I want the viewer to see the painting or print from their life experience, not mine. I am particularly fond of mark making - scribbles, splashes, lines, glyphs, splatter, etc. I am also drawn to color. And I own the chaos in my paintings. 

I am largely self-taught with two plus years of intensive training at The Drawing Studio in Tucson, daily study, and various workshops. I am an abstract expressionist painter and monotype artist. My monotype study is primarily with Ron Pokrasso of Santa Fe at his Firenze and Guanajuato workshops. I resided at Curley School Artists Residence in Ajo for one year where I was able to further my skills. My original teachers were landscape painters but I found that landscapes could not hold my attention. Always having a love of  abstract art I took the leap and found my place. 

I have exhibited in Southern Arizona since 2004 at various art fests and community shows from Phoenix to Ajo. I have exhibited at Contreras Gallery of Fine Art, Raices Taller 222, Steinfeld Community Art Center, Tubac Center of the Arts,  Kirk-Bear Library Solo Show, Tucson Mayor’s Office, Tucson International Airport, Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Murphey Gallery at St. Phillips, The Manhattan Graphics Center (NYC), Toscana Gallery in Oro Valley, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Gallery Azul, aVita Gallery in Ajo, Under the Arches in Ajo, Curley School Cafeteria Gallery, University of Arizona Art of Planetary Science exhibits, and the State of Arizona Executive Office Building in Phoenix.

Currently, my work can be seen at Moonlight Creations Gallery at Steinfeld, Tubac Center of the Arts, and Gallery 2 Sun where I am artist in residence for the summer.

Beth Surdut wrote a piece about my monotype art that was published in the October 2018 issue of Desert Leaf.

I am associated with Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona, Contemporary Artists of Tucson, Tubac Center of the Arts, and various online groups.